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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Trouble with a smartphone low battery? Just turn off these 5 settings, the battery will last longer

often happens that the 
battery of our phone runs out at the required work time. Often we can't contact anyone because the battery is full. So we need to know the trick to save our smartphone battery in an emergency. Today we are going to tell you some precautions regarding the battery of the phone. Often we don't know how the battery of so many phones gets discharged so quickly. In that case, if you go to the settings of the phone and turn off some activities that use the battery continuously, then the battery of the phone will last longer. Let us tell you what you have to do.

Here are some tricks to save your smartphone battery

1- First of all you should uninstall such apps running in your phone which are running in the background. These apps use data as well as the phone's battery runs out quickly. You can 'Force Stop' these apps by going to the phone's settings. This will allow you to open these apps when you want to use them. Doing so will prolong your phone's battery life.

2. Another easy way to save battery and data is to turn it off by going to your smartphone's settings. Tap the 'Battery' option in the settings. Now here you will see several options, one of which will be 'Battery Usage' option. Here you have to click on 'View Detailed Usage'. You will come across a complete list of what app uses a percentage of battery in the phone. You can set restrictions on these apps if you wish.

3- The third trick to save the battery of the phone is to reduce the brightness of the phone when you see that the battery is running out. Also an easy way to save battery is to go to settings and turn on 'Battery Saver'.

4- If you want to save battery, you should also turn off the phone location and Bluetooth. This will save a lot of battery.

5- If you are not using data, you should turn off the phone data to save battery. Also, when not using the phone, switch it to flight mode. Doing so will not use your phone's battery and you will be able to use the phone when needed.

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