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Sunday, January 10, 2021

These things must be checked before marrying an NRI, otherwise you may get into trouble

In the age of globalization, it has become easier to go to any country and get a job. 
While marrying NRIs and settling abroad has also increased rapidly. Many girls dream of marrying an NRI and settling abroad, in some cases the girl's parents think that by marrying an NRI boy their daughter will get a better life.

Otherwise the daughter's life may be ruined

There is no harm in all this, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you son-in-law an NRI boy. Otherwise, your daughter's life may be ruined, and her grief may be hard to bear.

Getting accurate information about work and salary

-Collect all the information related to the boy at your level in advance or get it with the help of relatives. Make the daughter aware of the legal system, culture and language of that country. This will allow you to think better about things.

-Collect information like where the boy works, what post he is in, what is his salary package etc. For this you should find his work office and get complete information at your level or with the help of experts.

Visas and Relationship Status

- What kind of visa does the boy have? Check the complete information and related papers related to it. Also find out if the daughter has to go there, what is the formality attached to it?

-Also collect information about the boy's relationship background. Find out if the boy has been married or divorced before? Nor does he live apart without divorcing his wife. If he gets divorced, then definitely find out what was the reason for their separation and what was the role of the boy in it?

Information attached to the property

If the boy makes property claims, it is also necessary to gather information about him. It is also important to know that there is no debt of any kind on the boy. If so, how much? This will help you to know if he is not getting married in case he repays his loan. There have been many such cases, so do not take it lightly.

Criminal record

Does the boy have a criminal record? Gather information about it in any case. With this try to know that there is no one in her family and circle of friends who has been a part of any crime and it could be a threat to the daughter in the future. It can take a long time to extract this kind of information, which can cause the boys to start creating pressure, but you have to be patient.

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