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Saturday, January 16, 2021

The woman gave birth to a little angel on the 11th day of pregnancy, doctors also surprised

We are all well aware of the fact that it takes at least 9 months for a child to be born. 
Normally a child is born either in the seventh month or down 15 days of its time, but have you ever thought that if a child is born on the 11th day? Yes, something similar has happened in a city of 
Britain . A couple came to know 10 days before the birth of the girl that the woman is pregnant and on the 11th day the woman gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Let us tell you that some time ago this lady was also admitted in the hospital due to being found Corona Positive, but no doctor and nurse could know about the woman's pregnancy.

Miracle happened in the city of Bristol

The Miracle UK ( Britain is in Bristel City), where the beans is a couple of names Hico and Joe. Sem works in a care home. However, Sem had done pregnancy tests several times in 2020 and every time the test report was negative. This incident is also a miracle for him. Kapal told in conversation that it is like a surprise for me too. Although this surprise was pleasant, but the world is still calling it a miracle. According to reports, on January 1, Sem Hick was watching TV with her husband. The husband had put his hands on Sem Hick's stomach, at the same time her husband Joey suddenly felt that someone kicked in the stomach, when Joey said this to his wife Bean, he laughed it in, but the bean thrust Giving said that we should get the pregnancy test done the very next day.

Gave birth to a little angel

After the test, the couple came to know that they were going to be parents. Couple were aghast after seeing the report of the pregnancy test, according to doctors, the beans were 9 months plus three weeks of heavy pregnancy. This means that his pregnancy had passed above nine months. Doctors told this shocked troubled couple that be ready any time delivery could happen. Just 10 days later, on January 11, while returning from the care home, Sam started having a labor pen and in the hospital he gave a healthy baby daughter. Delivered. The baby girl is named Julia. Bean and Joey also have two children before their daughter. Eight year old Johnny and three year old Thomas.

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