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Friday, January 8, 2021

Supreme Court statement: Giving any kind of punishment to people who fall in love is a serious crime!

The Supreme Court has made a big comment amid the ongoing debate on Love Jihad in the country and the ongoing debate over the law in many states. 
The Supreme Court has said that it is a crime to punish someone who wants to fall in love and live with each other.

One of the worst crimes

"You can't punish someone for falling in love," Supreme Court Chief Justice SA Bobde said during a hearing on Tuesday. This is one of the worst crimes. The Chief Justice, who is presiding over a three-judge bench, said this while hearing the bail application of 11 former Khap Panchayat members. It is the fault of these people that they ordered the murder of a Dalit man, his uncle's son and a girl.

Were hung with trees

In this case one boy actually ran away with the girl and the uncle's brother helped the two escape. The boys and girls later returned to the village, thinking that the anger of the people had subsided. However, they were caught and hung with a tree.

The incident took place in Mehra village

Not only that, the incident was so horrific that both the boys' genitals were also burnt before he was killed. The incident took place in 1991 in the village of Mehra in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. Eight accused were sentenced to death after the incident. Others, meanwhile, were sentenced to life in prison. The Allahabad High Court later commuted the death sentence and sentenced him to life imprisonment in 2016.

Hearing two weeks later

The convicts have sought bail on health grounds. The court also asked the officials of Agra and Mathura Central Jails to speak to the convicts and check their health reports including their records and submit them within two weeks. The court said in its order that the report had told the convicts, including their physical and mental condition, that their stay would cause any problems. In the report, the court is also going to state whether the security of these convicts will be permanent if they are released. The court will now hear the bail application two weeks later.

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