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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Strengthen the immune system in the changing seasons, Consume these things in a routine diet

Generally speaking, 2020 has become very lazy due to the Corona epidemic, one thing that has gotten better in the midst of all this is information about immunity. 
Because, never before have we paid so much attention to our immunity as to the coronavirus epidemic. The seasons are changing and our immunity is weakened during the season which increases the risk of viral, but you want to avoid viral and seasonal infections. So pay special attention to your food and drink and include things in your diet that work to boost your immunity. This is because our immune system is very weak this season. Which can cause us to get sick very quickly.

Consume these 4 foods for immunity

The fruit of the season

Consumption of fruits is considered to be very beneficial for health and seasonal fruits like apples, oranges, pears or papayas should be consumed more especially in winter season. This fruit can help strengthen immunity.


Peanuts come in the winter season. Normally you will find peanuts in the market all year round, but the time for peanuts is in winter. Peanuts are rich in vitamins, amino acids and proteins. Eating peanuts reduces the amount of calories. Which can help control your weight. Peanuts are also considered beneficial for strengthening immunity.


Eat plenty of salads in the winter season. This is because consuming more salads does not cause nutrient deficiencies in the body. Due to which our immune system remains strong.


Include butter in the diet in winter. This is because it is considered to be beneficial for strengthening immunity. Butter contains a good amount of protein as well as calcium. Which can be beneficial for your health.

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