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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Shashi Tharoor's bad words, more than half of India told illiterate, poor and stupid

Just like Rahul Gandhi and Choli Daman have been involved in controversies, similarly Congress' Star Spokesperson and MP Shashi Tharoor has a deep connection with controversies. 
Limelight-hungry Shashi Tharoor has once again made his mental bankruptcy known, accusing more than half of India of promoting illiterate and untouchable, simply because he votes for the BJP.

Shashi Tharoor posted a few days ago in a controversial tweet with some photos, "Yes, I will be teased for being elite and mocking my thoughts, but is it not a coincidence that the state would promote untouchability?" Is it, in a state where more people are less literate, where social development has decreased, they mostly vote for BJP? ” -

However, it is not surprising, because he is the same Shashi Tharoor, who gives India the status of 'Hindu Pakistan' only because he did not allow antisocial elements to do their arbitrariness in the name of minority appeasement here as before. She goes. There is no doubt that Sir, like a traditional Congressman, tried to degrade UP and Bihar, but in his zeal, he declared more than half of India as illiterate and conservative.

Let us agree with Shashi Tharoor that states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat are backward, there is conservatism, people vote for BJP all over. But what is the low literacy rate in Maharashtra? In spite of fighting many tactics there, all the parties could not earn even half of the total seats of BJP at the individual level. States like Tripura, Goa have literacy rates even beyond 90 percent, but they do not have a government there.

If literacy rate had been the main measure of progress of a state, then the roots of terrorism would not have flourished in Kerala. The truth is that Shashi Tharoor has once again made known his narrow thinking, because according to him who does not vote for BJP, he is decent, and he who votes in favor of BJP is not even worthy of being called a human being. Happen!

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