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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Sharmila-Tiger couple is an excellent example for a strong relationship ..!

Sharmila Tagore and Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi are a couple who had less in common and more inequality. 
One was an actress while the other was associated with cricketers and Nawabs. Mansoor Ali Tiger was a Muslim when Sharmila Tagore was a Hindu. The nature of the two was also quite different. When people found out that the two were in a relationship, they couldn't believe it. Then when it came to marriage, people also made it a condition that their marriage would not last long. But the couple disproved all assumptions and the two remained together till the last breath of Tiger Pataudi. 

What was the matter that the relationship between the two was so strong despite being different from each other? The answer to this question can be learned from their various interviews. These are things that can help other couples build a strong relationship. 

Respect and acceptance

There is no denying that there were differences between Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore but the two accepted each other as they were. He did not try to change his partner and instinctively accepted the changes that took place over time. There was also mutual respect in their relationship. The two not only respected each other's profession but also respected their personalities. 

In addition to love, this is also necessary

Everyone is different. The hope that there will be no inequality between the couples is imaginary. The most appropriate thing is to make someone your partner and accept him as he is. At the same time, always maintain a sense of love and respect for them. This will save the couple from hurting each other and weakening the relationship. 

To support 

Sharmila Tagore has stated in several interviews that for her, Tiger has always been a partner who supported her in every situation. An example is found in the case about which the actress shared. He said he had to wear a swimsuit for a scene in 'An Evening in Paris'. 

About this when the actress told Tiger with hesitation that instead of rejecting her, Pataudi did a support show which gave her the courage to do the scene to Sharmila. In this way, Mansoor Ali Khan never tried to impose any kind of rock on his wife. But he was always more supportive than showing respect to them. 

Spouse support is very important

After marriage, it becomes very important for the couple to support each other emotionally, mentally and in every way. When a person knows that he has someone with him who will always be with him, he also has the courage to face difficult or challenging times. Couples in which both partners are of a supportive nature go further in their careers and live a more stable life. 

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