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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Planting these plants brings happiness and peace to the house, there is no lack of money

Everyone wants to see greenery all around their house as well as to decorate the house by planting trees and trees in the houses. 
Due to having trees around the house, the house also keeps clean air as well as shade. Do you know that, trees and plants not only affect the environment but also our luck. Some such trees and plants have been mentioned in Vastu, by planting them, positive energy flows in the house. There are also some special tree plants which are considered very auspicious. According to Vastu, positive energy emanating from these plants brings happiness and peace in the house and keeps the arrival of wealth. Today we are going to tell you what tree plant should be in the house.

These trees increase positive energy
Ashoka and planting bamboo tree in the house brings positive energy. Also, by applying it, along with your progress, there is happiness and prosperity in the house.

According to the green architecture, by planting these plants, green plants should be planted in the garden or balcony in the north-east and east direction of small plants like Tulsi, Marigold, Lily, Banana, Ambala, Haridub, Mint, Turmeric etc. By having plants in these directions, the healthy rays of the sun will enter the house, which will keep the health of the family members healthy.

It also brings prosperity with health.
Neem tree with anti-bacterial properties provides a clean environment. Neem tree that keeps diseases away should be planted in a horizontal angle.

pomegranate for happiness and good luck, it is beneficial and powerful in heart disease, sprue, vomiting. Applying pomegranate out of the house in the southeast (igneous) direction brings happiness and good fortune.

You will know Mahadev's blessings from this tree, as  you all know Lord Shiva is considered very auspicious to plant a very dear vine tree in the north-west direction of home.

Plant blue flowering plants in the 
north direction blue flowers plant is very helpful in bringing prosperity in life. Blue color brings stability and purity in a person's life.

Money when trees
with Mniplant are well known so that prosperity in terms of bamboo and tree architecture are famous for the growth of money in the plant home. For this reason, plant these plants in your home.

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