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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Person forgot, password of bitcoin account worth Rs 1,800 crore, left 2 attempt

San Francisco: 
 Maybe after knowing this news, you will also lose consciousness, because a person has forgotten his password and after eight attempts, he has only two options left. The account, whose password is forgotten, has about Rs 1800 crore in it. The case is of Stephen Thomas, a German programmer based in San Francisco, who forgot the password to unlock his $ 220 million (Rs 1,800 crore) bitcoin.

Thomas was given 7,002 bitcoins at a time as payment for making a video that described how cryptocurrency worked over a decade ago. At that time the price of bitcoin was a few dollars. However, their value has increased in recent months and one bitcoin currently costs $ 34,000.

Thomas had stored bitcoins in an Ironkey digital wallet on a hard drive and written the password on a piece of paper, which he had lost. After 10 unsuccessful attempts the password will encrypt itself and the wallet will be impossible to use. However, Thomas still has two attempts.

It has been nine years since he first realized that he had lost his account. He said, 'I was desperate for a few weeks, I have no other words to describe it. You question your own self-worth. What kind of person loses something important? "

However, he said, "Time heals all wounds." Saying that he has tried to remain calm with his loss.

He said, "It was a really big milestone in my life, as I realized how I was going to define how to pursue my self-worth. How much money I have in my bank account, It can't go. "

Thomas will not be the first potential bitcoin millionaire to be excluded from his account. According to cryptocurrency-data company Channalysis, approximately $ 140 billion worth of bitcoins have been lost or left in lockers that cannot be accessed.

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