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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Nostradamus's 5 prediction, catastrophe will come in 2021

Nastradamus is the name of a 1700s physicist and astronomer who is still talked about for his astonishing predictions. 
Many of the prophecies in his English book, The Prophecy, were later matched. It was already said in his book. The rise of a leader in Germany in the 1930s, whom we all know today as Hitler. He even talked about the collapse of the world economy, at the same time his book was about a terrible war. Let's see what is going to happen around 2021, what did he say about it?

In 2021, people can become zombies! : A surprising claim is that a Russian scientist will build a biological weapon and a virus that will turn a person into a zombie. In this way the human species will be destroyed.

In this case it can be compared with the corona virus. Because many experts believe the coronavirus is ready in a Chinese lab. Here's what Nastradamus said, or something new.

Catastrophe on Earth: In 2021, there will be famines, earthquakes, various diseases and epidemics, said Nastradamus. It is said that in 2021 there will be a famine that the world has never faced before. A large part of the world's population will not be able to recover from this devastation. The world will start fighting for wealth and people will flee.

In this case, the corona virus epidemic in 2020 can be considered as the beginning.

Comets could collide in 2021: The future book of Nastradamus states that comets will hit the earth causing earthquakes and many natural disasters.

What will Corona play in 2021? Nostradamus described 2020 as the year of the epidemic. In this situation, his forecast for 2021 cannot be ignored. With new strains of the corona virus found in Britain before 2021, a cloud of fear is swirling around the world.

Earthquakes in California: So far, Nostradamus' predictions about natural disasters and epidemics have come true. In this case, 2021 could be dangerous. There are indications of a catastrophic earthquake in California.

Although scientists do not take these predictions very seriously, those who read and believe a lot about Nostradamus think that the coming year may prove to be a catastrophe. Only 2021 will answer how true these claims are.

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