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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Never use these things with tea, this will harm your health

Almost every person drinks tea and coffee today. 
There will hardly be any such house in India and there will be someone who does not drink tea or coffee. Tea has been given prominence in every household and it is one of the things made every day. But with tea, many people also have the desire to eat something. If he does not like to drink tea without some snacks, then he keeps on unknowingly harming his body and he does not even know. But today we are going to tell you what things you should not eat or drink with tea.

Drink only tea

While drinking tea, keep in mind what kind of tea you are consuming. If you are drinking green tea, do not take anything else with it. At the same time, one or two biscuits can be taken with milk tea.

Do not consume turmeric items

Immediately after drinking tea, such things should not be consumed in which the quantity of turmeric is high. This is because the chemical elements in tea and turmeric can cause a lot of damage to your digestive system by interacting with each other and can create elements that can harm the stomach.

Do not consume lemonade

Do not consume anything with tea that contains lemon. Many people drink lemon made tea by squeezing lemon, but perhaps you do not know that this tea can also cause acidity and digestive and gas problems.

Do not use water

You should never drink water immediately after drinking tea. Our elders in the house also prevent us from doing so. This is because drinking water immediately after drinking tea causes many problems in our stomach. Drinking water immediately after tea causes wrinkles on the face.

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