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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Never be arrogant about these 6 things, know what Chanakya policy says

The policies of Acharya Chanakya, one of India's leading scholars, show a person the way to success in the future and to overcome despair. 
This is the reason why Chanakya's policies are still considered very important today. In his Chanakya policy, Acharya states through verses that human beings should never be arrogant about any of the six things.

Dane Tapasi Shaurya or Vijnane Vinaye.
I was not surprised nor did I do my duty, Bahuratna Vasundhara.

In this verse Chanakya says that when a human being speaks of charity, penance, bravery, erudition, civility and policy mastery, he should not be proud or arrogant about these things.

Chanakya says that even in human beings there should never be a sense of ego. Because there are more than one benefactor, ascetic, hero, scholar and policy expert present on this earth.

Tyaj Durjanasansarga Bhaj Sadusamagamam.
Kuru Punyamoharatram Smara Nityamnityatha.

In this verse Chanakya says, leave the company of the wicked, keep the righteous together, do good deeds day and night and always remember God. Today is the religion of man. The implication is that one should always be with gentle people and stay away from people of evil activity.

The disorder of the righteous is also beneficial, and the gain from the wicked is also painful. At the same time individuals should always think about doing virtue and good deeds. In doing so, human beings can always be happy.

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