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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Miracle: Hollywood actress Tanya Roberts is alive! Know how news of death spread

Recently the news of the death of famous actress Tanya Roberts of 'A VU to a Kill' and 'Date 70 Tees Show' has been revealed. Since then, there has been a sensation on social media. Actress fans were constantly paying tribute to her. But in the meantime, another news has shocked everyone. Roberts representative Mike Pingle has made a big disclosure about the actress, saying that she is still alive, and is being treated at a hospital in Los Angeles.

The news of the death of actress Tanya Robertus was revealed on Sunday. Which had shocked his fans. At the same time, the news of his being alive is getting even more headlines. Roberts' condition remains serial. But he is still alive, whose treatment continues in the hospital.

Tanya Roberts is 65 years old. Those who had been reported that the actress had taken her dog for a walk on Christmas Eve and fell unconscious when she came back home. After which he was admitted to the hospital. Where he died. At the same time, removing the curtain from these news, Tanya Roberts' longtime representative Mike Pingel has revealed that the actress is still alive and she is fighting for life in the hospital.

Tanya Roberts' real name is Victoria League Blum. She started her career in modeling and made her acting debut in the 1975 horror film 'Forced Entry'. In 1985, Tanya Roberts worked in the James Bond film A VU to a Kill. Tanya Roberts has also appeared in the James Bond film.

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