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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Mercury will enter Capricorn on 5th January, Mother Lakshmi will be kind on these 6 Zodiac sign

Mercury will transit Mercury Transit 2021 from Dhan Rashi to Capricorn on Tuesday 5th January 2021. 
After this, Mercury will be in Capricorn till next 25th January and then they will enter Aquarius from Capricorn. This transition of Mercury will affect all the zodiac signs. Let us know for which zodiac sign Mercury's entry in Capricorn will bring good news.

Mercury zodiac change will give you success in the field of work. With social status will increase prestige. With courage and bravery you will be able to achieve success in any task. Matters relating to real estate will be settled. Trapped money will be returned. Happiness will feel peace.

will accompany your destiny. You will be able to achieve the kind of success you want. Good success is expected in the education competition. Fate rises. You will be able to find a way even in difficult situations. Work patiently.

You can have good success in Virgo
education competition. Intimacy will also come in matters related to love. Opportunity is beneficial if you want to have a love marriage. You will be able to reach the peak of success.

will increase happiness and peace. You will be able to spend time as you wish. This is the right time for you if you are thinking of buying a house or a vehicle. Trapped money is returned.

Mercury's pasture from Scorpio to
Capricorn will make you very enthusiastic and very powerful. Those who make the decision will be completely successful. The share in religious matters will increase. Efforts to bring peace of mind will bear fruit.

The positive
side of your financial side will be very strong. If the salary is outstanding, the chances of getting it increase. There will also be a reduction in long-running stress. On the strength of speech skills and gentle nature, he will be able to overcome strange situations. Health should be taken care of.

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