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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Know what to do to prevent an asthma attack? Winter is the biggest problem

Asthma is a very distressing disease. 
This can happen at any age. The patient suffers from respiratory problems. However it can be controlled by taking some precautions. Mostly in winter the 
asthma patient's anxiety increases. In severe cases it causes the patient to have an asthma attack. There are several possible causes for an asthma attack. Then pollution, cigarette smoke and colds can also be the cause. This problem is exacerbated in winter .

Extreme caution is needed to prevent an asthma attack during the winter. This is because cold and dry air and changes in the seasons can cause asthma attacks in his patients. Taking precautions can help prevent an attack, according to a Healthline report.

Avoid going out

To prevent an asthma attack it is important to try to stay indoors as the temperature is very low. Don't go out. If you have to go outside, cover your nose and mouth well with a scarf before you breathe. It will not take the air and will not increase the harassment.

Change the diet

Make the necessary changes in your diet in winter. Drink plenty of fluids. This can keep the saliva in your lungs thinner and therefore keep the problem under control.

Avoid infection

Stay away from people who are sick. This will help you to avoid any kind of viral infection and will not make you sick. This will not only increase your problem.

Keep the house clean

Keep your home thoroughly clean to eliminate indoor allergies. Vacuum the house and prevent dust. Because most of the dust, the soil also seems to grow this problem. Wash your sheets and blankets every week in warm water to remove dust particles.

Here are some ways to prevent an asthma attack when you exercise outside in the cold season.

  • Use your own inhaler 15 to 30 minutes before exercising. This opens your airways so you can breathe easily.
  • Carry an inhaler with you in case of an asthma attack.
  • Warm up for at least 10 to 15 minutes before a workout.
  • Wear a mask or scarf over your face to warm the air you breathe.

Asthma attacks can occur for this reason

  • Tobacco smoke
  •  Dust particles
  •  Allergies to animals etc.
  •  Stress
  •  Bacterial or viral infections

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