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Thursday, January 21, 2021

India will give 1 crore free covid-19 vaccines to all its neighbors except Pakistan

India has once again emerged as a protector to neighboring countries. 
According to media reports, India is going to give 
1 crore free vaccines to its neighboring countries, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Mauritius This step has been taken by India when the developed countries all over the world are engaged in serving their interests first and the poor countries are also facing difficulties for vaccines and basic medicines.

But Pakistan has not been included in this list. Pakistan has suffered the brunt of its China domination, Kashmir policy and state-backed terrorism. No plan has been revealed in the bankrupt country of Pakistan till now, nor is there any idea of ​​the budget for this. In such a situation, the free vaccine could give him some relief, but now he too will not be able to get it.

There is already worldwide curiosity about India's vaccine. Countries like South Africa , Brazil have already signed agreements with Indian companies for this, as well as India's neighboring countries are also expected from India. The reality is that China and Russia remain skeptical about the vaccine in the world While 29 people have died in Norway due to American Pfizer In such a situation, India's vaccine is coming out as the only reliable vaccine. Anyway, India has more experience of manufacturing vaccine than any other country. India has successfully conquered diseases like polio and TB, which is why the world has high hopes from India.

India's neighbor in particular is dependent on India for the vaccine. This was the reason that already Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc. started talking to India for this. Serum Institute of India alone is going to export 20 million vaccines to India's neighbors Now according to the new report, the Government of India itself is going to give 1 crore vaccine for free.

Significantly, most big and resource-rich countries are pre-booking large quantities of vaccines for their countrymen. Poor countries are so lagged behind in this race that a terrible form of economic inequality is appearing in the world, where every resourceful country is thinking only in its own interest. But the only exception to this is India.

It is a part of Prime Minister Modi's " Neighborhood First Policy" . This attitude of India has come from the beginning of the epidemic, whether it is Kovid Relief Fund, HCQ medicines exports or vaccine. But Pakistan is deprived of these benefits due to its stupidity.

The Pakistani government has been opposing India due to pressure from its army and China. Pakistan does not want to accept the fact that Article 370 has become a matter of history forever. Pakistan still wants to promote terror in Kashmir under the Ghizipiti strategy, firing on the border, only Kashmir rants on every big and small platform.

If seen, India has taught him a bitter lesson by not giving vaccine to Pakistan. Perhaps now Pakistan should accept the truth that defeating India is above its status. Far from defeat, there is no comparison between India and Pakistan today. The truth of the 21st century is that India is in the role of protector of South Asia, now Pakistan has to decide whether it would like to be an ally of India or Sino-Turkish football.

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