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Thursday, January 21, 2021

In this country 12-year-olds can have consensual sex, but divorce is not allowed

The Philippines is
 one of the countries in the world where the age of consent for sex is only 12 years. People working for child rights said there was a connection between the age of consent for sex and child sexual offenses. The process for the Age of Consent has now begun in the Philippines after decades of demand.

Divorce is not recognized, but sex with children is

The incidence of rape with girls is higher in the Philippines than with adult women. About one in five children is sexually abused. These problems are exacerbated in Corona's lockdown. Incidents of online sexual abuse with children have also decreased. The Philippines is a very religious country and the majority of its population is Catholic. After the Vatican, the Philippines is the only country in the world where divorce is not recognized (excluding Muslims).

The age of consent for sex will now be raised from 12 to 16

Raising the age of consent for sex, according to the children's rights organization, will make it easier to prosecute sexual offenses. Incidents of sexual abuse with children would qualify a rape case. After decades of declining demand, the lower house of the Philippines has now passed a bill making the age of consent 16 years. The bill attached to it will now be passed in the upper house.

It is hoped that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will approve the bill once it is passed in the upper house. Dutante himself claimed that he was exploited by a priest as a child. According to experts, raising the age of consent will be just the beginning, as it will be more difficult to change people's attitudes after the law is changed.

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