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Sunday, January 24, 2021

If you throw away onion peel as waste, don't make this mistake now, you will be shocked to know its benefits

Most of us 
in onions for us to understand because it throws the waste bark of the benefits does not have any estimates about. Yes, onion peel contains many nutrients which are effective in health as well as skin beauty. Learn about its many amazing benefits.

Onion peel, rich in vitamins A, C, E and many antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory. Onion peel contains high amounts of quercetin, which helps in lowering blood pressure and clearing arteries. This lowers the risk of heart attack.

Protects against inflammation and cancer

According to a study, onion peel is rich in fiber. As well as the flavonoids present in it, quercetin and phenolics are very effective in protecting the body from problems like inflammation and cancer.

Relieves throat problems

If onion peel is rinsed in water or boiled in tea, it relieves sore throat and other problems.

Helps to relieve skin allergies

If you have skin allergies, onion peel can be a great relief. For this, soak the onion peel in water overnight. Rinse your skin with the same water in the morning. Doing this for a few days will bring a lot of benefits.

Increases hair length

Onion peel can be very useful for people whose hair does not grow fast. For this, boil onion peel and tea leaves in water and wash hair with it. Doing this for a while makes the hair long, black and thick, and also eliminates the problem of dandruff.

Reduces muscle cramps

If you drink onion peel water before going to bed every day, it helps to reduce muscle and muscle pain. For this, you can boil the peel in water at low temperature for about 15 minutes. Then drink a cup of this water every day.

To get whiter skin

White and glowing skin can also be found with onion peel. For this, mix onion peel in turmeric and apply it on the face. Doing so will remove the spots on the face and the face will start to improve.

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