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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

If you also run the phone while sitting in the toilet, then be careful, may be serious illness

New Delhi. 
Mobile is one of the essential requirements at the present time. It has become an important part of life. Life seems incomplete without a mobile phone. There are also many people who cannot keep themselves apart from mobile. In such a situation, the trend is increasing among the people that when they take the toilet along with them, so that their time is also cut and together they can do other work. But using a mobile phone in the toilet can make you a victim of serious diseases. Not only this, those who do so are endangering their family members as well.

One of the diseases during toilet is the problem of hemorrhoids. Earlier this problem used to happen to older people, but now it has become common among the youth too. It is also known as Piles. It is learned that the problem of piles is increasing among those who carry mobile in the toilet. One reason for this is that sitting on the commode, the mobile users are sitting in the toilet for a long time and they do not even know the time. In such a situation, the risk of hemorrhoids increases significantly.

Sitting in the toilet, most people read the news, run social sites, chat with each other. Due to this they do not know the time. By sitting in the toilet for a long time, the pressure on the nerves of the muscles of the anus and lower rectum increases significantly, which also increases the risk of hemorrhoids. Your clean toilet is a hangout of bacteria. In such a situation, when carrying mobile there, these dangerous germs get into the mobile. After getting out of the toilet, you wash your hands and mouth, but your mobile becomes dirty like that, due to which there is a risk of many infections.

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