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Sunday, January 24, 2021

If you also have these lines in your hand, nothing can stop you from becoming rich

People want to test their luck and when it comes to money, then they try to learn about it in any way. 
Let it be known that there are many types of lines. Among these, lines related to life, fortune, health, heart and money are the main ones. Everyone wants to know how your financial situation will be with the money line on the palm. Seeing the line, everyone starts thinking whether he will become rich with his earnings or will get wealth suddenly from somewhere. So today we tell you what the money line says in your palm.

Learn about your destiny
in this way: Like the life line in the palm, the money line does not start from one place in every person's palm. In every person's palm, the line of money is made from different places and consists of different lines and mountains.

2- If Surya Parvat, Venus Parvat and Guru Parvat are raised in your palm, it indicates that your financial condition will be good and you will lead a happy life. According to palmistry astrology, Venus mountain signifies material happiness, Guru mountain shows leadership ability and Surya mountain shows respect and fame.

3- If the life line, fate line and brain line in your palm is forming an M shape, then it is a sign that you will get a lot of money between 35 and 55 years.

4- If a triangle sign is being formed in your palm, then it is a money line. Having such a line means that you will make money from many sources.

5- If a line passes from the thumb to the mountain of Mercury (the root of the little finger), it means that you will receive money from your family members from ancestral property or with the help of a woman.

6- If a line is coming out of the fate line in your palm, reaching the Mount of Surya, then you will be lucky in financial matters as well as you will be respected in social field.

7- If the line is coming out from below the thumb with the thumb in your palm, then you should definitely think about business. Such individuals are successful in business and do not have a shortage of money.

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