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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

If these 3 warnings appear on the dashboard before starting the car, be careful, otherwise you will have to face big difficulties

Car companies have started giving warning lights on the dashboard for cars for the convenience of the users. 
Turning on these lights means there is something wrong with your car. But often users ignore these warning lights and go out on the drive. After which the user-driver has to face a big problem. You need to be aware of such warning lights. So you don't have to stand in the car or on the road.

There are three different types of lights on the dashboard

The car's dashboard usually has three types of lights, green, orange and red. These three lights have different meanings. Green light means no sensor is active in your car. In this condition you can drive a car. Orange light means that the pressure in your car's tires is low. The car can be driven in this position. Apart from this the red light means that there is no problem with your car's airbags and brakes. You can drive in the meantime but you have to be careful.

These lights will turn on as the engine oil pressure decreases

If the yellow light is on, understand that the level in the engine oil has decreased. This mode can be driven. The light turns on when the oil reaches the minimum level. Oil top up should be done very quickly in this condition. It is dangerous to drive in this condition if the red light is on. That's why when you see a red light on your dashboard, stop immediately. This is because if the car runs for 15 minutes in such a condition, the engine can be choked up. Even a little carelessness can do great harm. If the light blinks and stops at a race, drive to the garage. But it is better to stop the car if it continues.

This light signal will be received when the cooling temperature decreases

There are three lights depending on the cooling temperature. Green, Yellow and Red. Green means cooling system is OK. And the engine is cold. You can drive in this condition. The level of coolant in the yellow light is low. So it needs to be topped up soon. If the rail light is seen and the train continues, the engine will be choked up in 15 minutes. Or the headgear pipe may rupture. After keeping the vehicle upright in this position and letting it cool for half an hour, slowly open the lid of the coolant and top up the coolant, and check from below if there is any leakage. If so, consult a mechanic immediately. If the red light of coolant temperature is on continuously, do not take it in the game. Radiator overheating can cause a horsepipe to rupture somewhere. This can be a big tragedy.

Such signals will be found on the battery problem

The vehicle also has a signal light for battery charger alert. This will not cause any trouble to the engine but may need to be stopped. If this light is seen in a moving vehicle, do not turn off the vehicle. Let it continue. And stop at a station or garage. Where to stay safely. This light means the battery is not charging. All circuits and electrical components inside the vehicle are powered by batteries. Redlight means that the battery does not charge. The maximum power that is in the battery can run up to 20 km. After this your engine will shut down. So get to a safe place quickly. Check this requirement before leaving home. Do not drive if this light is on.

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