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Sunday, January 17, 2021

IAS Interview Questions: The Aadhar Card of which animal can be made?

IAS Interview Questions:
 Friends, IAS interview questions are very much discussed. It is said that anything can be asked from the candidates here. Good sweat is missed in passing these exams. But what is the fear if preparations are made well. UPSC interview preparation should also be done very well. That is why we are telling some tricky questions and their answers today. After the preliminary examination of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services 2020, candidates start preparing for Mains. Interviews will start after getting success in it. Civil Services Exam 2019 (Personality Test) i.e. Interview

(IAS Interview) is very difficult, for which students have to take separate tests. Apart from knowledge, more brainstorming is done here. People who are preparing for UP SC should also come up with an idea that how easy is the answer to such a simple question?


1. Which part of the body does not sweat?
2. Name the bird that has a foot on its head?
3. How do you take a mountain up a fit?
4. Which country does not have a single train track?
5. What is the fruit that people eat easily without washing it?
6. What if your maternal uncle's sister is not your aunt?
7. The man looking at a girl said that his mother's father is my father-in-law, who is the girl's man?
8. If we have two eyes, why do we only see one thing at a time?
9. What will you do if you know that your wife has an affair with another person?
10. Adhar card of which animal can be made.

answer :-

1. Lips
2. All birds have head, legs and feet.
3. Take a picture of 1 mountain and lift it 1 feet up.
4. There are many countries in the world where there is no railway line, there is no railway network at all, it comes from Bhutan Cyprus East Timor, Genia Bissau Iceland Kuwait and Libya.
5. Banana.
6. Mother
7. Daughter
8. We are able to see things with our mind, not with our eyes, and the eyes work according to the brain and both eyes simultaneously target one thing. The two eyes make blurry separate images of that thing and the brain accurately represents it one by one.
9.Sir, I will file a case against a non-male accused of having a relationship with his wife under the provision of Section 497 for Adultery. A case can be filed against him with this section. Also, I will try to convince the wife, so that our relationship will be restored again.
10. There is an animal named Koala whose Aadhar card can be made. The finger prints of this animal are very similar to those of humans.

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