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Thursday, January 7, 2021

I wear very short clothes but my husband is not excited, he is not interested in sex, what should I do?

Question: I 
am 25 
years old and my husband is 31 years old. They have no bad habits except excessive smoking . We have sex once a month, which lasts only a minute. We are under pressure to have children. But they have no interest in sex. I wear very small clothes but they don't get excited. I thought about taking them to a good sexologist but I don't know what they would think about this. He complains of severe leg pain after intercourse. I have never seen them masturbate. I'm worried.

Ans: Excessive smoking of your husband may be the reason for his distaste for sex. It can definitely affect her erection, sex drive and general fitness. A sexologist can help you with that.

Question: I am a 16 year old FYB com student. I get so overwhelmed by any girl or any pornographic scene that I can't control myself. For this reason, I have gone to the wrong place 3-4 times and even tied the knot with some girls. I feel self-pity for this work of mine, but helpless. Can you show me a remedy or medicine that I can control myself? - One Student (Mumbai)

Ans: Every person has more or less the spirit of sex. There is no cure for it. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The task of controlling man’s e-senses is difficult, but not impossible. You can control yourself by trying. For that, it is necessary to keep yourself as active as possible towards study and sports. This will not distract you. Unprotected sex can lead to life-threatening illnesses like AIDS, so stay away from unethical sex.

I am 21 years old. I have been married for 15 years. We have three children. My yo-nim is constantly itching. Doctors said there was an infection. My husband's ling-gani peels off during the orgasm. Which causes them pain. This problem can also be caused by using a condom. Could it be because of my yo-nina infection? A woman from Mumbai

You may have an infection. This problem can get worse if it is not treated in time. In the meantime, if a rheumatic syndrome is established, your husband may become infected. 
But your husband's problem doesn't seem to be sex-related. For this he needs to consult a skin specialist as well as you need to seek treatment from  a gynecologist  It is advisable to start Yau-Na San-Band only after consulting a doctor after completion of treatment.

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