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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Gold flows like water in this river of India, the livelihood of many families

There is a river in India from which 
gold flows. Are you annoyed with us? But this is absolutely true. Because gold has been mined in this river sand for years. The people here make their living by extracting gold from the river .

Gold found in the gold line river

A river called Swarna Rekha flows in Ratnagarbha of Jharkhand. Gold is extracted from this river. The river also flows through parts of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Odisha. In some places this river is also known as the Golden Line.

The Golden Line River is 473 km long

The Swarna Rekha River flows from Rani Chuan in the village of Nagdi in the south-west to the Bay of Bengal. The total length of this river is 474 kilometers.

Mystery is made of gold particles

Gold particles are found in the gold line and not in their accessories. People believe that the gold line reaches the river only after the gold particles flow into the river. The Karkari River is 37 km long. So far, the mystery is where the gold particles come from in these two rivers.

Local tribes cut gold

In Jharkhand, riverine people collect gold particles by sifting through the sand. A person here can collect 70 to 80 gold particles in a month. These gold particles are about the size of rice grains. The tribal people here do this all year round except during the rainy season.

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