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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Ever heard of plane crash due to crocodile! You will be surprised to hear these reasons for the plane crash

A tragic accident occurred at the beginning of the year. 
On 9 January, a plane crashed shortly after taking off from Indonesia Plane Crash. 62 passengers on board the plane were killed. Investigation teams are still trying to find out what happened that day. Efforts are being made to collect this information from the black box of the aircraft. But there are many such aircraft accidents in history, you can hold your head to know the strange reasons behind (Unusual Plane crashes in history).

The planecrashinfo.com website has gathered many interesting information about aircraft accidents. It also mentions many reasons behind the plane crash. There are many reasons that are very surprising. This website has gathered information about the causes of the plane accidents from 1933 to 2010. It has information about more than 100 aircraft accidents. We are sharing some of these with you.

A plane in the hands of children

On March 23, 1994, a severe plane crash occurred in Russia. All 75 passengers were killed in a plane crash. Investigation revealed that the accident occurred due to an idiot of the pilot. The pilot caught the plane in the hands of his 11-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son. Because of this, the plane fell directly from the sky to the ground. The second pilot tried hard, but could not avoid the accident.

3 drunken prisoners hijack aircraft

An Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed on 23 November 1996 due to the insistence of 3 alcoholics. Shortly after flying from Ethiopia, three drunken prisoners on board the plane created a ruckus. He hijacked the aircraft. He demanded from the pilot that the plane be flown to Australia, but he did not let the pilot refuel. As a result, the fuel ran out in the air and the plane crashed. 127 out of 157 people on board the plane were killed.

Crocodile and plane crash on the plane

In 2010, a strange accident occurred. A passenger hid a crocodile in his bag and boarded the plane. But suddenly, the crocodile got out of the bag during the journey. After this there was chaos in the whole plane. Everyone started running here and there. Scared of crocodiles, all the passengers gathered in one part of the aircraft, due to which the balance of the aircraft deteriorated and it crashed.

Robbers made parachutes on their own

On May 25, 2000, an accident occurred in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Although the plane did not crash, but the robber found a strange way to escape. After robbing passengers in the Philippines Airlines, the robber tied himself to the parachute and jumped from the plane. But the home made parachute betrayed him on the way and he died.

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