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Monday, January 11, 2021

Elon Musk, world's richest man drives this car, price will be surprised

New Delhi: 
 Elon Musk, founder of electric car company Tesla and SpaceX, has become the world's richest man. Musk is also known for his lifestyle, but do you know what cars Alan owns, founder of Tesla, an electric car maker. Which car does Elon Musk go to office. What was the first car he bought. Let us tell you…

Elon Musk is a car lover and loves vintage cars too. Musk's first car was a 1978 BMW 320i which, according to a Forbes video, he bought in 1994 and took for two years. 

Musk, along with his brother, founded the software company Zip 2, with the bonus that he bought for himself a 1967 Jaguar E-Type. In the Forbes video, Musk said, "It was like a bad girlfriend - it kept breaking on me and I faced all sorts of trouble." 

Musk then bought McLaren F1 after selling it to PayPal. Musk says it has been with me for many years and I have covered 11,000 miles on it. I had also traveled from Los Angeles to San Francisco. I used to use it daily. In 2013, Musk purchased a Lotus Esprit 'submarine car' used during the filming of the James Bond classic The Spy Who Loved Me. 

Musk said in a statement, after watching detective James Bond in South Africa, it was amazing that The Spot Who Loved Me took a button to remove his Lotus Esprit from a pier and turn it underwater into a submarine. Speaking of classics, Musk also has a Ford Model T. She revealed on Twitter in 2017 that a friend gifted her a vintage. 

Musk has recently transformed the Tesla Roadster car into a SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket. The car also has a passenger, a dummy named Starman. 

Nowadays Musk is commonly seen driving with the family in his Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X. The price of this car starts from Rs. 60 lakh to Rs. 2 crore. 

Although it does not exist in India. He is also seen driving a Tesla cyberattrk in Malibu. The price of a cyber truck starts at around 30 lakh rupees. 

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