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Monday, January 18, 2021

Don't do these things after covid-19 vaccination it will increase risk

 fight against Corona has begun across the country. Corona vaccination was started on Saturday. For the first time, Corona Warriors and health workers are being vaccinated. There is an atmosphere of happiness among those who have faced Corona's grief before However medical experts are concerned about one thing. According to experts, the risk of contracting the virus has not decreased even after being vaccinated against coronavirus. But if care is not taken, a small mistake can spread the corona again.

If the fear goes away, people will start wandering.

Head of Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) Task Force Operation Group for Covid, Dr. NK Arora says, ‘Any illness runs with fear and anxiety, but if the illness is as a virus, which is not visible and not even recognizable but which proves to be more dangerous after infecting that person. The same is true with corona virus. If we stop being afraid of it and delay the precautions that are being taken for it, it can take people by surprise at double speed. '

People will stop following the rules

Dr. "After being vaccinated, people will be relieved that they are protected from corona and this thing will fit in their brain," says Arora. In the meantime, there is a good chance that people will make mistakes in Corona's case. Such as giving up wearing a mask, giving up social distance, touching anything anywhere, mingling with such family members from the virus affected area, not following the rules of coro living in the family, not washing hands with soap or using sanitizer. Doing so will not harm the person receiving the vaccine, but it will quickly spread the virus to family members and other individuals. The result will be that the family will be infected with the virus. Especially people with weakened immune systems. '

Dr. "Corona viruses are a disease that is transmitted without showing any symptoms, which increases the risk of infection," Arora said. Because of the fear of corona among the people till now, most of the people followed the rules and then took care of everything or could be safe. Delaying the rules regarding corona can be dangerous. Corona's warriors will be safe, but their families must be careful.

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