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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Donating these items on Makar Sankranti will bring a hundred times more saintly, which is of special importance in Hinduism

Land of Festivals Makarsankranti is of special importance in India Hinduism for centuriesCelebrated in , this festival is considered a symbol of charity and auspicious beginning. In common parlance it is said that giving alms improves both the world and the hereafter. So, it is said in religious beliefs that donations made on the day of Makarsankranti give man a hundred times more virtue. In this case, the day is special.

According to the Hindu calendar and astrologers, Makarsankranti is celebrated on January 14 every year. On this day the Sun enters Capricorn from Sagittarius, i.e. the sun begins to set and the night of the gods is streamlined and auspicious days begin. This is the reason why the piety, chanting and charity done on this day are the best.

These items can be donated

Sesame, jaggery, groundnut, chickpeas, lentils and rice are of special importance on this day. On this day, the desired fruit is obtained by donating sesame and groundnut gajak, tilakutti, talpatti, rice, dal, kheechadi, jaggery, blanket-quilt, warm clothes, fruit.

Such is the custom of charity in North India

It is believed that in North India, after bathing in the morning, people put the donated items together and sprinkle water on them to create a sense of charity in the mind. And the goods are blessed by giving all these things to the poor as well as the people of their honor, the elders as well as the daughters-sisters. It is said that a person who does not donate all year round, if he donates on that day, it is more than the fruit he gets all year round.

In addition, many new customs have been created for this day in villages and cities. On this day, women in particular take a fast or a resolution for the next year, thanking their mother-in-law with 14 ornaments, and follow this fast throughout the year and donate the following year.

This is the religious and scientific significance of Sankranti

Thus, all Hindu festivals are not only religious but also scientific, but Sankranti has special significance. Warm things should be consumed during the cold in January. In such a case, everything donated on this day is warm as well as the weather is favorable. So, mash is digestible. Medical science also says that consumption of sesame and jaggery can never be better than this season.

Apart from this the process of evaporation starts in the rivers and the water of the rivers is purified. Therefore, bathing done during this period is hygienic. Therefore, bathing on Capricorn is also believed. From this day the sun rises and the time of day increases, which is a sign of auspiciousness. The darkness seems to diminish and the light increases.

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