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Friday, January 1, 2021

Does your lipstick not also last longer on the lips? So follow these simple tips

Lipstick is the most important part of women's makeup. 
Light lipstick also brings a different glow to their face. But the biggest problem is that often the lipstick does not last long on the lips. If you are also bothered by this thing, we are giving you some tips, by adopting which your lipstick can last longer.

The most important thing about applying lipstick is that your lips should be soft. Otherwise the lipstick will look torn. Therefore, the lips should be scrubbed every few days. You can use sugar and honey to scrub your lips. This will keep your lips soft and hydrated for a long time.


The lips need to be moisturized after scrubbing. You can apply petroleum jelly or balm on your lips. Alternatively, you can try a lip mask.

Apply base

To make the lipstick last longer, you need to apply foundation and concealer on your lips. It will not only show the natural color of your lips but will also make your lips shine. You apply the base product on your lips using a brush. This will give your lipstick a perfect base.

Lip pencil

Outline the lips with a lip liner after applying the makeup base. Using a lip liner will make it easier to apply lipstick and last longer. Then apply the first coat of lipstick. After applying the first coat, apply a light powder with the help of a brush. This will set your lipstick perfectly. Now you can apply another coat if you wish.

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