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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Do Indian women masterbate? If you know the answer, you will be left speechless

Question: I am a 23 year old girl. 
I have never been in a relationship. The reason behind it is the orthodox thinking of my family. However for the last two years I have been doing Hast 7 May 7 Thun. I'm addicted to it and it makes me happy. But I feel guilty after May 7th. Also, I don't like to discuss Hast 7 May 7 Thun with my boyfriend. Do other Indian women masturbate?

Ans: There is no reason to deprive oneself of pleasure. There is also no reason to feel guilty. Women all over the world do hand-me-downs.

I am 17 years old.  My temper gets irritable when menstruation is approaching. This problem is exacerbated when going out of town. I can't even plan a trip because my period is irregular. Is there any method to prolong menstruation? A young woman (Ahmedabad)

You can prolong your period by taking progesterone pills. Consult your doctor and take appropriate medication. This medication should be started six to seven days before menstruation. And the journey has to continue until it is over. Menstruation occurs seven days after stopping the pill. In addition you need to consult a doctor for your irregular menstrual problems.

I have constant pain in both my legs. The pain is excruciating, especially at night. This makes me feel restless. And I spend the whole night rolling around. Give proper guidance. One sister Nadiad

You are more likely to have 'Restless Leg Syndrome'. People who suffer from this problem experience intense arousal in the legs and do not get relief until the legs turn. Some try water therapy on this problem. Both can improve the blood and air supply to the feet by dipping them in rotating cold and hot water.

There is some relief from this therapy. In addition, vitamin supplements can be taken with the advice of a doctor. This problem is mostly seen in middle aged women due to reasons like anxiety, tension, low-blood pressure as well as bad blood. You keep eating a balanced diet. Also, get rid of stress by exercising regularly.

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