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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Corona patients lungs can be worse than smokers, doctors claim

The Corona
 virus has caused outcry all over the world, but it is also bad news for those who have won the battle with the virus. An assistant professor at the Texas Tech University Health Science Center in the United States, Dr. Britney Kendall claims that people who suffer from corona may suffer the long-term consequences of the disease and that her lungs may be more sensitive than the lungs of a smoker.

The smoker's lungs were very black

He posted three X-ray photos on Twitter to show the effects of the disease. It had a photo of a smoker's lungs. One belonged to a person who had just emerged from the corona virus and the other to a person who was healthy and the three were very far apart. If the smoker's lungs were too black he also shared an X-ray of a corona positive patient, who was appearing white. The surgeon says that the lungs of coronary patients are appearing because of the inability of air to enter the lungs due to this disease.

Problems related to the lungs can be exacerbated

"I don't know, I need to hear this," he wrote on Twitter. Apart from that, lung related problems can also occur.

May face trouble in the future

The woman told local news station CBS DFW that people were paying close attention to whether they would survive after Corona tested positive, and were less concerned about the long-term consequences. Even those who managed to win the battle with this disease and if the case of those people was very complicated. So he may face trouble in the future.

The dose of the vaccine will be given

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Jones has promised that he will be in the UK until mid-February. Vaccines will be given to NHS staff, care home staff and workers, as well as coronavirus positive people. According to reports, more than 20 lakh people in the country have been vaccinated against coronavirus and about 2 lakh people are being vaccinated every day. So the process of vaccination in India is starting from Saturday.

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