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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Cooking Oil: Know Which is the best cooking oil and which is harmful?

Indian food is the most special taste, oil is very important in Indian cuisine. 
But these days there are options in the market ranging from refined oil to olive oil, along with ghee and mustard oil has always been the choice of Indians, coconut oil has also been used in food. But which is the best oil among them, read this special information further.

Olive oil is
currently in trend, olive oil, diet experts do not get tired to say the benefits of this oil. Especially the extra virgin olive oil is preferred, as it is completely pure. Actually Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not processed and refined, its quality is good. Olive oil is cooked on a slow or medium flame, you cannot fry it.

Coconut oil
is widely used in South India, it contains high saturated fats. Experts have different opinions on its use. According to experts, it can be used in small quantities, in coconut oil, food is cooked at high heat.

Sunflower oil:
Sunflower oil is found in very high amounts of vitamin E, since it does not have any taste, so there is no taste of oil in cooked food. It is used in high heat cooking. Omega-6 fatty acids are found in this oil, they are good for the body, but if you consume it in excess, you can get swelling in the body.

Vegetable oil is the
next oil, vegetable oil, vegetable oil is processed and refined. It has less taste and nutrition. Excess intake of this oil can harm the body.

Mustard oil
The best advantage of cooking in mustard oil is that it remains under weight control. Increases the good cholesterol level by lowering the bad cholesterol level present in the body, mustard oil and also reduces the total cholesterol level.

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