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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Chanakya Niti: To become rich, one should not take this path by mistake, happiness and peace will never be found in life

 policy of Chatur Chanakya (Chanakya Niti) is very beneficial for life . Chanakya's policies must be adopted to live a happy life. In today's age, everyone wants to be rich and some people do not even hesitate to take shortcuts for this. However, Acharya Chanakya has made it clear in his policies (Chanakya policy) that money collected incorrectly causes misery in life instead of giving happiness.

Don't make money the wrong way

You may have heard from the elders that money earned in the wrong way never gives good results. Acharya Chanakya has also affixed his seal on such things. Acharya Chanakya says that people who accumulate money wrongly should always stay away from them. There are many people in life who make money the wrong way. Indeed, money is everything to them.

Always have a passion for money

Everyone wants money to be happy in life. Everyone wants to have crores of rupees, bungalows, expensive vehicles and material comforts. But in the minds of some people there is nothing but the idea of ​​getting rich. Often such people also go the wrong way. You can never be good if you stay in their company. So keep a distance from them.

Don't underestimate others

Some people who want money may be close to you, but keep yourself away from such people as much as possible. For these people, peace of mind depends on money. There is a lot of arrogance in such people and they do not like to talk to people of lower standard than themselves.

Such people are so engrossed in the pride of money that they stray too far from right and wrong. But always be careful. Such people do not find peace. Indeed, they seem to be a burden on themselves and they never get peace of mind.

Money is not everything

According to Chanakya, money and land are material things. But man understands that these things will stay with him until the end. According to Chanakya, this is not the case at all. Chanakya has said that there are four such things in a man's life, which accompany him till the end. Your knowledge, religion, parents and peers who go with you. Only these things are important to human beings. Money can be earned, but for real happiness in life they need more than money.

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