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Friday, January 15, 2021

By saving just 200 rupees, you can also get 4 crores, know how?

New Delhi:
 Everyone wishes that he has enough money to fulfill all his needs and that he can save some money for future also. For this, people save some of their earnings. But due to lack of correct information, there is no significant increase in this budget. In such a situation, if you also want to invest small amount of your daily or monthly savings in the right place, then we are going to remove your confusion. 

Today we are going to tell you about a plan where you can become a millionaire even with less investment. That too not one crore, but you can own more than 4 crore rupees. And for this you do not need to spend too much or even cut your spending too much. If you save only 200 rupees or 6000 rupees monthly every day and invest it in the right place, then you will become the owner of more than Rs 4 crores when the policy matures and your dream of being a millionaire will also be fulfilled.

In fact today, people are investing in a large number of mutual fund SIPs and it has become the first choice of Equity Funds of Indian investors. Like other funds in it, you also have to invest money every month. Just like you invest in PPF or other debt fund, similarly here you have to deposit money but returns will also be more. SIPs with equity funds have to be invested like PPF. The returns are much higher in the long term. You can set your own target to get a hefty amount on maturity.

According to a figure, if you save and invest Rs 200 daily or Rs 6000 monthly for this plan, then after 30 years an investor can get Rs 4.21 crore on maturity.

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