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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Bitcoin breaks all records! The price of 1 bitcoin reached 30 thousand dollars, find out how you can buy

The world's largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has set a new record. 
At this point the price of a bitcoin has reached 30 thousand dollars. Bitcoin rose 6 percent on Saturday. With which it has reached the figure of 31 thousand dollars. But due to the market downturn, Bitcoin suffered losses and fell to ડો 30,800 in 1.15 minutes London time. In December alone, Bitcoin rose 50 percent to over 20,000. In early March, Bitcoin saw the biggest 25 percent decline due to the Corona epidemic.

Last month , it received additional indications

Commodity strategist Mike McGlon wrote a note last month. In which he said that Bitcoin is a good option for investing in times of economic recession. Since then, people have started investing more in Bitcoin. So, rampant central-bank money printing has remained silent on the rise of Bitcoin. Scott Minerd, chief investigation officer at Guggenheim Investments, on the other hand, believes that Bitcoin could reach લાખ 4 million.

May increase even more

It is estimated that there are about 50 to 60 lakh Bitcoin users in India at the moment and it will see a further increase in its prices in the near future. Market experts believe that by 2030, the value of Bitcoin could reach Rs 1 crore. Sumit Gupta, CEO, CoinDCX, said that the rise in demand could lead to a further rise in Bitcoin prices in 2021. The price of Bitcoin will rise further in 2021 due to increasing demand.

What is cryptocurrency ?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency based on blockchain technology. This currency uses encryption technology. With this technique, the transaction of the currency is thoroughly audited, which makes it very difficult to hack. This is because cryptocurrencies are much less likely to be fraudulent. The management of cryptocurrency is independent of the central bank, which is its biggest drawback.

How is trading in Bitcoin done?

Bitcoin is traded through a digital wallet. The price of Bitcoin is the same all over the world. That is why his trading became famous. The price of Bitcoin has been steadily declining in line with global activity. No country determines it, instead it is a digitally controlled currency. There is no set time for bitcoin trading. Its price also fluctuates very quickly.

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