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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan cleans Rakhi Sawant's bed, says 'no job is small'


In the weekend episode of Bigg Boss 14 ', Salman Khan entered the house and embarrassed the contestants. Salman Khan came to the house of Bigg Boss and cleaned Rakhi Sawant's bed. For the past few days Nikki Tamboli has been refusing to do the duty assigned to her. Nikki also refused to clean her bed as she was having an argument with Rakhi.

As you will see in the upcoming episode, Aijaz Khan has put this before Salman Khan. Then what ‘Dabangg Khan’ himself enters the house. According to a promo aired by the channel, the contestants are locked in the living room of the house and Salman goes to the bedroom and tidies up after cleaning the beds. The agitated contestants refuse to let Salman clean the house. While Nikki is constantly seen apologizing to Salman, Rakhi is also embarrassed to see Salman acting like this. Before leaving the house, Salman goes on to tell everyone that no work is small.

Every episode of Bigg Boss 14 has been captivating viewers and breaking previous records this season in terms of controversy. Importantly, Salman has come home and worked before. In the previous season, when the contestants refused to wash the dishes and clean the bathroom, Salman came home and did this. Like in this season of Bigg Boss 13, Salman angrily went inside the house and cleaned the mess as well as the bathroom.

In today's episode, viewers will see that Rubina Dilek will meet her sister. In addition, after about 3 months, Jasmine Bhasin will meet her parents. Former Bigg Boss contestant Rashmi Desai will also meet Vikas Gupta. Rashmi will lash out at members of Bigg Boss' household for targeting Vikas Gupta's personal life. When Jasmine's father advises her to play her own game. After which there is a rift between Jasmine and Ali.

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