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Monday, January 11, 2021

Age increases by eating food on the ground, know benefits

There was a time when almost every house 
had a 
meal on the ground floor , but in modern times the culture of the dining table has eradicated this culture , but did you know that when we sit on the ground, the posture of a seat is changed. Let's go It provides all kinds of health benefits and protects our body from many diseases. So let's know its benefits

Digestion is best done

Eating while sitting on the ground improves digestion and keeps the digestive system healthy. At the same time weight is also controlled.

The heart is right

When we sit on the ground and eat, the blood circulation is in the right direction. This allows the log to be easily delivered to all the organs that help the heart digest. When the chair is on the table in the eating position the blood circulation is opposite.

Increases age

Sukhasan is in a sitting position with a stool. This calms the mind. Makes the body flexible. At the same time, it protects against all diseases and increases the age.

The body is strong

Laying on the ground and eating makes the body stronger. The muscles of the lower back, the pelvis and the muscles around the abdomen are stretched. It relieves pain.

Improves body posture

Sitting on the ground while eating, you have to lean forward to take it in your mouth. It keeps the abdominal muscles active and improves body posture.

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