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Monday, January 18, 2021

11 daughters-in-law built a mother-in-law's temple in love of mother-in-law

Today, living in a house with mother-in-law in a house of tomorrow's age is like dreaming. 
Yes, but still there is a family where even today mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are living their lives together in love. Apakon tell that Chhattisgarh ( 
Chhattisgarh) in Bilaspur district has come to the same hearing a case, where the mother has went wrote a new definition of multiple relationships. In fact, not one, but 11 daughters-in-law living here built their mother-in-law's temple. Not only this, the daughters-in-law have adorned their mother-in-law with gold ornaments and also perform pooja-aarti daily. It is being told that all these daughters-in-law do bhajan-kirtan once a month in front of the temple.

10 years old temple

According to the news, there is a village named Ratanpur on the Bilaspur-Korba road, 25 km from the district headquarters of Bilaspur. There is a temple of Mahamaya Devi, which was built since 2010. Let us tell you that this temple belongs to Geeta Devi, who had 11 daughters-in-law and those 11 daughters-in-law have built this temple together. The construction of this temple has completed 10 years.

The temple was built due to this reason

Let us tell you that a joint family of retired teacher Shivprasad Tamboli lives in a village called Ratanpur. There are 39 people in his family, of whom 11 are daughters-in-law. Geeta Devi died in the year 2010. People say that when she was alive, she loved all her daughters-in-law and loved them more than her daughters. He had given complete independence to all his daughters-in-law.

Was away from home

The late Geeta Devi's husband Shiva Prasad told that his wife's whole family is still together due to the good rites of his wife. He explains that there was never a quarrel in his family. In their house, they do all the work after consulting each other. In such a situation, his daughter-in-law built his temple in memory of his mother-in-law. At the same time, made the mother-in-law's statue with gold ornaments.

Discussions of family unity far and wide

People are stunned by the unity of Geeta Devi's family. There is discussion of unity of his family far and wide. People say that all the daughters-in-law of Geeta Devi worship daily in her temple. Apart from this, Bhajan-Kirtan is also done every month. The people in and around the village exemplify the unity of Geeta Devi and her family. Everyone believes that such a mother-in-law daughter-in-law's love has not been seen anywhere else.

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