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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

You will be surprised to see the beauty of the world's 7 best parliament house, see photos

The foundation of the new Parliament House is being laid on December 10 in the country, efforts will be made to make it excellent in every way from Vastu. 
For which architects have also inspected the Parliament of many other countries and have taken inspiration from them. There are many Parliament Houses in the world which are very attractive in appearance, as well as convenient.

Britain's Palace of Westminster 

British Parliament is considered the core of all the world's parliaments, 
designed by Charles Berry and Augustus Welby Pugin. The building is built on the banks of the River Thames. The building originally consists of three towers, known as the Elizabeth Tower, New Palace and the House of Commons. This Bhavap is made in Gothic style. Since 1987, it is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Parliament of Romania The work of the Parliament

European country of Romania 
lasted from 1984-97. Considered one of the largest and strongest parliament buildings in the world, this building is built in Bucharest. Architect Enka Patricia has designed the map. 20,000 soldiers and prisoners worked day and night to build the building. It also has 8 intelligence tunnels.

The Parliament House of Scotland is

also a magnificent building, built between 1999-2004, it was very much 
discussed, due to the government spending openly in its construction work. The specialty of this building made of many buildings is that all the buildings are completely different from each other.

Parliament of Germany

This parliament building in Berlin, the capital of Germany 
, was completed between 1884-1894 There have been many changes in the building even beyond the era of Hitler.

Finland Parliament

of Finland Parliament identifies House, the country's strength. 
In 1917, when this country became independent from Russia, only after this many changes were made. This building is a solid building in pink and gray white, made of granite stones.

The Parliament House of Sri Lanka is

very beautiful, this building is the Parliament House of Sri Lanka. 
It is counted among the finest Parliament Houses in the world. It took only 4 years to build, it was completed between 1979 and 1982. Its creator is the Sri Lankan architect Joffrey Bawa. The special thing is that all the doors in this parliament house are shined with silver.

The Parliament House of Bangladesh is

one of the names of the Parliament of Bangladesh in Asian countries, 
this Parliament House in Dhaka is built on the banks of an artificial lake. Its construction started from 1961 and it took 10 years to build. This building is inspired by the forts of Scotland.

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