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Sunday, December 6, 2020

You will be surprised to know these qualities of honey, know its countless benefits and method of eating

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In our old texts, honey is called nectar. Actually, honey is an antibiotic medicine which is completely natural. From honey to health to beauty, solutions are available for every problem. Many essential nutrients are found in honey, so many essential elements can be replenished in the body. Honey also acts as a medicine in many diseases. Eyesight can be increased by the use of honey, while the problem of phlegm, asthma and high blood pressure can also be relieved. Not only this, regular intake of honey will remove impurities in your blood. Also, its use daily reduces the chances of heart related diseases. Let's know about the benefits of consuming honey ...

Learn the nutrients found in honey 

Basically honey is a storehouse of naturally found nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Fructose is found mainly in honey. Apart from this, carbohydrates, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin C and amino acids are also found in it. One teaspoon (21 grams) of honey contains about 64 calories and 17 grams of sugar (fructose, glucose, sucrose, and maltose). Honey does not contain fat, fiber and protein at all. 

Medicinal Properties of Honey 

In Ayurveda, honey has the status of a medicine and now people all over the world are also using honey for sweetness. Many scientific researches on honey in the last few decades confirm its properties stated in Ayurveda. If we talk about the medicinal properties of honey, then it is considered useful in the treatment of many diseases. Apart from this, honey has antibacterial and antiseptic properties due to which it is also very effective in healing wounds or for quick relief from injury. Let us tell about the benefits to the body from its intake. 

For energy 

Honey is said to be a rich store of energy. Actually, a person needs a lot of energy for a day's work. In such a situation, the body can be made energetic with the help of honey. Consuming one tablespoon of honey regularly can provide energy to the body. 

Beneficial for skin

In the same sequence, the consumption of honey can also be very helpful for glowing skin. To cleanse and improve skin color, honey should be mixed with cold water and drunk daily. 

Strengthens muscles

The stronger the muscles of the body, the more difficult the body will be able to work. In this case, consuming honey to strengthen the muscles of the body can be of great benefit. 

Disease prevention

It is said that eating honey can be relieved from various diseases. Its regular mines do not have a cold. Regular intake of honey can prevent stomach cancer. At the same time, with the help of oxidants present in honey, tumors can also be prevented.

Cut or burn

Do you know that using honey is very beneficial even when the skin is cut or peeled or burned. The antiseptic properties present in honey heal the burnt area quickly and also protect the skin from infection. If there is a slight scratch in your skin or if some part is burnt lightly then apply honey on that part. It reduces irritation and prevents infection in that part.

Having a cough

Use it if you have a long time. It is an effective home medicine to relieve cough. The antibacterial properties present in honey prevent the infection from growing further and it also dilutes the phlegm, which brings out the phlegm easily. Especially those who are troubled by dry cough, they get quick relief from honey. Drink one teaspoon of honey in mild lukewarm water before going to bed at night. It also reduces the mucus and provides relief from cough quickly. Drinks prepared from ginger and honey are also effective in relieving cough.

Helpful in reducing weight 

If you are troubled by increasing weight or obesity, then by consuming honey you can lose weight. For your information, let us know that there is no fat in honey at all. Along with keeping weight under control, it also lowers the cholesterol level of the body. So drink honey regularly. For this, you take a teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach every morning. Do not eat anything for half an hour after drinking it. You can also add half lemon juice to this mixture.

Relieve constipation 

If you are struggling with constipation then honey can be a panacea for you. Constipation is the root cause of many stomach problems. Honey reduces the absorption of fructose in the body, so you can also use it to relieve constipation. Apart from providing relief from constipation, it also provides relief from flatulence and gas problems. To get relief from constipation, mix one spoon honey in a glass of lukewarm milk before going to bed every night.

This is how skin will benefit

Benefits of honey in Hindi are not only limited to increasing digestion and immunity, but it also helps in improving the skin. There are many ways you can use honey for the skin. Here are some of the major methods of use:  

- If your skin is dry then take one spoon of honey and apply it on the dry part of the skin. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with cold water. Use it at least thrice a week.

- To increase the radiance of the face, use a facepack prepared with honey. Usually facepacks prepared with honey and lemon, honey and milk, honey and banana and honey and yogurt are more beneficial.

For your hair 

Make a hair mask by mixing honey with curd and apply it on the hair. It provides nourishment to bad hair. Honey and egg hair masks repair bad hair. A mixture of honey and aloe vera helps hair grow.

Useful in acne 

Xylose and sucrose present in honey reduce water activity and prevent bacteria from growing. For this reason, honey is very useful in removing acne. Take a small quantity of honey in hindi before sleeping at night and apply directly on the pimples and let it dry for the night. The next morning wash it with cold water.

Know its disadvantages too

- There are some disadvantages to not using the honey properly. For example, you should usually consume one to two teaspoons a day. If you are using it as a medicine or for skin, then eat it according to the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Overeating can cause side effects of honey and may cause vomiting and nausea and in some cases, diarrhea.

It is said that do not feed honey to a child younger than one year. This may put children at risk of botulism. Therefore, if you want to feed honey to a child below one year, first consult a doctor. 

- In the same sequence, honey should not be eaten by people who have pollen allergy. Experts say that people who are allergic to pollen particles, if they use honey, their allergies may increase further. Similarly, if your skin is sensitive, do not apply honey directly on your skin. Mix rose water or milk in honey and dilute it and then apply it on the skin. A mixture of milk and honey is considered very beneficial for the skin.

- Please tell that people who are under diabetes control can consume honey as food. Consumption of honey increases the body's immunity, which prevents the problems caused by diabetes. But keep in mind that if your sugar level remains uncontrolled then avoid honey intake. Diabetics must consult a doctor before consuming honey.

- Ayurveda recommends not to consume equal amounts of ghee and honey simultaneously. In Ayurveda, it is classified against the diet. Therefore, do not consume the same amount of honey with ghee.

- During pregnancy and breastfeeding, you should consume it in limited quantity. If you want to consume honey as a medicine, then according to the advice of a gynecologist.

- Keep in mind that never boil honey in hot water and drink it. These fall in the category of diet. Therefore, always use honey with lukewarm water or normal temperature water.

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