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Monday, December 14, 2020

You can easily use these 2 Whatsapp accounts without revealing your correct number

It is most important to have a phone number to use WhatsApp. 
The good thing though is that you can also use a mobile or landline number as a contact number. You can register a landline number on 
WhatsApp , but getting a landline number is a bit difficult these days. A virtual mobile number can be very useful. Virtual mobile numbers are easily available for free and you only need to sign-up once.

This way you can use a virtual number just like any regular WhatsApp number. Also, if needed, you can maintain privacy by not sharing your correct mobile number. Here are two ways you can create a WhatsApp account with a landline mobile number and a virtual mobile number.

Creating a WhatsApp Account with a Virtual Number
You will find many apps that provide a virtual mobile number from the Google Play Store. However, it can be difficult to find a trusted and free service application. One such trusted application is TextNow. You download the TextNow app to your phone.

Create your free account in this app now. After logging in you will get five free phone numbers from USA and Canada. Proceed by selecting any number you like. This virtual number allows you to call and receive messages on the Internet.

Download WhatsApp now. If your phone already has WhatsApp, you need to uninstall it. When registering on WhatsApp, change the country code from India to US or Canada depending on the virtual number you have selected. Enter your virtual number. Continue the TextNow app in the background of the phone.

Remember, you will not receive an OTP message on a virtual phone number. Wait for OTP time to expire and then select 'Call Me' for OTP verification. You will immediately receive a missed call on the TextNow app and a voicemail will pop up in the app. This is an audio message, play it and listen to your WhatsApp verification code. This will then become your account as soon as you enter your verification code in WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp from a landline number
You can also register a landline number in WhatsApp . For this you need WhatsappBusiness app must be downloaded. You will need a current landline number. After downloading the WhatsApp Business app to the phone and installing it, the app will ask you to enter the mobile number for OTP registration.

Enter your landline number with STD code by selecting India code (+91) here. But if 0 comes in the beginning, don't add it to the number. For example, if your landline number is 0332654xxx4 with STD, enter + 91332654xxx4. Or you can call any landline from mobile, which will show you the number on the screen.

After entering the number, WhatsApp Business App will send you OTP. But since this number is a landline, you will not receive any message. So wait for the OTP time to expire and then select the 'call me' option. They will now be called OTP in a phone call. Enter this OTP into WhatsApp and then install the app. Now you can use landline number in WhatsApp business app.

Since you are using WhatsApp from a landline number, you have to add all the contacts manually. However, it has good privacy and you can also select the option of automated reply.

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