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Friday, December 18, 2020

Yearender 2020 Jobs Trends: How was the job situation this year, see full report

Yearender 2020 Jobs Trends: In the year 2020, most jobs sector has been affected by the infection and lockdown of coronavirus. Due to which many people lost their jobs in the private sector. Some of these people were like this too. Who had been working in the same company for many years. But even then they had to lose their jobs at the time of lockdown. If we talk about the private sector, most of it has been on the hospitality and tourism sector. Let us know how the year 2020 was for the job sector…

Hotels and restaurants were completely closed at the time of lockdown. Because of which the sector suffered the most recession. Hospitality and tourism is the sector where people have lost the most jobs. There are some places in India which are very famous for tourism and the livelihood of the people of this country is run only by tourism and as soon as the risk of coronavirus increased and lockdown started, the tourism stopped completely and still Tourists come to these places very rarely.

If you talk about the traders then this year, due to coronavirus, the traders have also suffered a lot. At the time when the lockdown was imposed, the trading class was also the most affected. Because the government had allowed to open only the daily use shops and when the government issued the unlock process, even the small traders at that time Could not gain much, only on festivals, crowds were seen in the markets. Apart from this, small traders are still facing losses. Due to which he is not able to give salary to the people working here and in this situation he has to reduce his staff too.

At the same time, in terms of government sectors, this year there are very few jobs in government sectors as compared to 2019. Railways was also recruited this year on 15 February 2020 for 2792 posts under Trade Apprentice in Eastern Railway Region Kolkata, 2792 posts for Act Apprentice on 25 June 2020 and 35208 posts in RRB NTPC in August. Which is much less this year than previous years. At the same time, the government has also privatized the railway this year. But Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has written in one of his tweets that the railway is not being privatized in any way, all the services of the railway currently running will run the same way.

151 additional modern trains will run on 109 routes with private participation. Which will not affect the railway trains. But the arrival of trains will create employment. Apart from this, the airports of Jaipur, Goahati and Thiruvananthapuram have also been privatized. On doing this, it has been said by the government that these have been given as rent only for a few years and in doing so, it will not only benefit the country but also provide employment opportunities to the people. Apart from this, the government is also making an intention to privatize many areas.

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