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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Why wait for the orange, when these five fruits are full of vitamin C

Vitamin C for Immunity System: Summer season has come, but Corona virus infection is also spreading rapidly. In such a situation, it is very important that along with protecting your body from heat, you should keep your body immune system strong so that you can protect yourself from infection. Vitamin C is needed to strengthen the immune system, which is believed to be high in seasonality and oranges. By the way, these are mainly winter fruits. In such a situation, here we are telling you about those five fruits which are found in summer, in which the amount of vitamin C is more than orange and you must take them.

Use Kiwi in summer - Vitamin C for Immunity System

Kiwis are also counted in citric fruits. It also contains a significant amount of Vitamin C. If you eat a kiwi every day, then your body gets the necessary vitamin C comfortably. By consuming it, you can protect yourself from diseases like dengue, viral and flu. Due to its strong immunity to the body, you are protected from these diseases.

Eat tomato salad

If you cook and eat tomatoes during summer, there will be loss In this case, you can eat tomato sauce. Can eat its salad. You will get plenty of Vitamin C from this. Along with this, your body will also get lycopene. Drinking tomato juice is very beneficial in the summer season. Its soup should be drunk in winter.

Eat mangoes in summer - Vitamin C for Immunity System

When it comes to the king of fruits in summer, the name of mango comes. Mangoes are available in many sizes and tastes. Sinduri mangoes have peak season in May. Many species of mangoes continue to be found by the end of June. If you consume cooked mangoes or raw mangoes regularly in summer, you can never touch the sun nor any kind of infection can make your body a victim. Eating mangoes every day on hot days provides your body with essential nutrients along with vitamin C.

Pineapple must also be eaten in summer

In the afternoon, for vitamin C, you should also eat pineapple i.e. pineapple daily in summer. This keeps your mind cool in summer and keeps freshness in the body. It also prevents many types of infections.

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