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Thursday, December 31, 2020

when the brakes fail while driving, get control of the car in 8 seconds, know the trick

On the New Year, people go out for fierce outings. 
People go out of their houses to celebrate the cold and the new year on it. In such a situation, the incidence of accident also increases on the occasion of New Year. Cars that run at a speed often become accident victims due to brake failure. The car runs at a speed of 80 to 100 km on the expressway. Distance from other vehicles is also very less, if your car's brakes do not work, then think about your condition. In such a situation, even the best driver's mind does not work, but in such a situation, instead of losing consciousness, you should act wisely. If you want, you can control your car in just 8 seconds even after the brakes fail. Let us know what you should do if the car breaks down.

Understand the signs of brake failure

and pay full attention to your car whenever you are driving. Usually, your car starts giving some indication before the brake fails. Many times we ignore this, which can be heavy on life.

1 brake pads start to sound when applying brakes

2 brake calipers are jammed many times

3 sudden brake wire breaks or the master cylinder starts leaking and the brakes cannot get the necessary pressure

4 brake fuel leaks also brake failure Indicates to be.
Varning lamps on the dashlight also burn when 5 brake fuel leaks

After brake failure stopped the car as

if your car's brakes have failed You have to act wisely at a time. You should read these tips carefully.

1 First of all, control the car by reducing its speed and repeatedly hit the brake pedal. By doing this several times, the brakes get the right pressure and the brakes start working.

2 If the car is running in top gear, then bring it in lower gear. Try to get into gear first.

3 Take care not to bring the gear directly before the fifth in panic. Do not run in neutral at all as it can cause you to lose control of the car.

4 Do not forget to apply reverse gear. Vehicles coming from this can be the victim of an accident and you are also at risk.

5 You only use the clutch, do not use the accelerator at all.

6 If you are in traffic somewhere, then point with the other horn, hazard lights, indicator and headlamps-dipper. This will reduce the risk.

7 experts say that in such a situation turn on the air condition of the vehicle. This will increase the pressure on the engine and reduce the speed slightly.

8 experts say that burning the headlights, hazard lights will reduce battery power supply and slow down the car.

9 If there is sand or mud nearby, control the steering wheel and put the car on sand or gravel. This will reduce the speed of the car significantly.

10 You must use the handbrake properly When changing the gear in a manual handbrake car, use a light handbrake.

11 When the car is in first gear, when the speed is around 40 km per hour, then you can control the speed by pulling the handbrake directly.

Do not place the handbrake at 12 highspeed immediately, the sudden wheels are locked and the rear wheels are locked and there is an increased risk of the car turning.

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