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Thursday, December 17, 2020

What is the disease that an 8 week old baby will be given an injection of 16 crore

The world's most expensive injection will be given to a baby just eight weeks old in Britain. 
The cost of the injection given to this child is around Rs 16 crore. Surprisingly for everyone, what is the disease that the child is being given such an expensive injection. This disease is called Genetic Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA Genetic Disease Treatment) i.e. SMA.

16 crore injection

Listening to the 16 crore injection, you may have thought that there is no other disease in the world that is more dangerous than cancer, the treatment of which is so expensive. First of all let us know what kind of disease is genetic spinal muscular atrophy and why it occurs. Genetic spinal muscular atrophy i.e. SMA is caused due to lack of SMN-1 gene in the body.

This weakens the chest muscles and makes it difficult to breathe. The disease is most common in children. Problems increase over time and the patient dies. The disease is more prevalent in Britain, where about 60 babies are born each year.

The name of this injection is Jolgenesma

The disease affects more children in Britain but has yet to be cured. The name of this injection is Jolgenesma. In Britain, these injections are ordered from the United States, Germany and Japan for treatment. This injection is given only once to a patient suffering from this disease whose car it is so expensive. Because jolgenesma is one of the three therapies that have been approved for use in Europe.

In the year 2017, this medicine was given to 15 children

It was impossible to treat the disease until three years ago, but in 2017, after much research and testing, success was achieved and injection production began. After 15 children were given the drug in 2017, they lived for more than 20 weeks.

The baby's name is Edward

The child who will be given an injection of Rs 16 crore is named Edward. The child's parents have started a fundraising campaign for such an expensive injection and have so far received Rs 1.17 crore. The parents of this child said that the life of their child is more important to them than money.

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