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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

What is the 5G-SA technique with tremendous speed? Which is being considered as the next generation mobile network

There was a time when there was 
only 2G network in 
India . It was ok to talk on mobile, but very low speed for internet. Again came 3G i.e. Third Generation. Internet speeds increased, but not as much. High resolution means speed is not enough to watch good quality video. Then came 4G network and internet started running at full speed. Even now we will have 4G mobile in our hands. 4G is the best video experience on the Internet. Now 4G technology is also old and the new era is 5G. An advanced technique is also coming in 5G 5G standalone.

Reliance Jio in preparation of 5G-SA technique

According to a report by Business Standard, telecom company Reliance Jio is working on plans to launch 5G standalone (5G-SA) option 2 technique for its telecom system. Telecommunications companies currently use 4G LTE networks. However, people are not satisfied with the merits of delivering superfast speed wireless mobile broadband to the home.

What is 5G Standalone Technique?

The 5G-SA is a new network that will have access to new 5G cores and new radio waves. These will be the waves that will work on the 5G brand. Many telecom companies in non-standalone networks can use 4G LET network for 5G. Currently only China, South, Korea and Singapore have standalone 5G networks. However, many other countries are also planning to bring this technique by 2021-22.

Many advantages of the next generation 5G-SA network

The 5G-SA network will have many advantages. Due to its superfast speed, this technique promotes machine-to-machine operation. It will help a lot in automatic activities in the industrial sector. This technique helps build a smart city, a smart factory and a sophisticated home.

Increases work capacity

Automation greatly enhances this work efficiency. Compared to 4G technology, 5G-SA will provide enterprising customers with a wide range of new services, including private cloud and private company networks. These features will also increase the earnings of telecom companies.

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