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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Two sisters formed a gay marriage by taking vows with seven births, who was shocked to hear that

Legal recognition of gay marriages in India is still under consideration, but cases are continuously coming up where young men and women are getting married with the aim of living together for the recognition of homosexual relationships in the society. Huh . 
However, the society is still hesitant to accept such weddings. A similar case is related to Jhumritilaiya police station area of ​​Koderma district of Jharkhand.

Two sisters married in the
area, 2 young women married gay. Both of them were missing from home for the last few days. The two are each other's cousins ​​and cousins. The family lodged a complaint at the Tilaiya police station due to the missing girls. After investigation, it was found on Thursday that both the sisters were living in a rented house in Chandwara area of ​​the district. Both were caught and brought home. This information was also given to the local police. Both were also reprimanded by the police.

Age girls
, according to family members of both girls and adults living with the adamant insistence. Both have also got married. At the same time, the police is avoiding making any kind of comment regarding this matter. There have been many such cases in Jharkhand earlier too where young men and women get married to their families by surprise.

People's opinion about homosexuality has not changed,
homosexuality is still considered a disease in society, many people try to get it treated by treating it as a brain problem. But psychologists explicitly say that they are a natural emotion, as men and women have an attraction to the opposite sex, in the same way that many people are not interested in the opposite sex. He likes to be happy in his own way. In such a situation the society should not have any difficulty in adopting them. These too are just like ordinary people.

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