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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Troubled by the problem of money, then do this simple solution according to the amount, will help in getting money

People take many measures for the benefit of money. 
But in astrology, there are many such measures, using which the native can get wealth according to the zodiac. Today we are going to tell you about the same measures, by which your money related problems will be removed. These measures are very simple and easy for the native. It is said that if a person does astrology measures according to the amount, then his financial troubles end. Even many problems of that person also end. According to astrology, the second house of horoscope is called money. But the eleventh house shows the income of the house. In such a situation, if both these expressions are strong in a person's horoscope, then those natives never have any problem of money. This is the reason that some measures have to be taken to strengthen both these expressions. Which are those measures which are done according to the amount to get money.

must visit Sun God after waking up in the morning. Along with this, offer Lord Jaggery Kheer to Lord Lakshminarayan. They like this enjoyment very much.

After getting up in the morning of, worship Lord Shiva. Keep in mind that to get wealth, on Friday, offer whole rice on Lord Shiva lingam.

According to the , after getting up in the morning, see Goddess Lakshmi or Goddess Durga. Along with this, offer red flowers to Ganapati ji.

Take a bath after waking up in the morning of, then after seeing Lord Shri Krishna, offer them basil leaf, Mishri Makhan.

According to astrology, after getting up in the morning, clean and first see Lord Surya Narayana. After this, make the red rose touch first at the feet of Lord Hanuman and keep it in your purse. This will remove the money related problem.

bath after native morning Virgo. Then see Lord Ganesha. After this remedy, offer white rice to Goddess Durga. Money problem will also be overcome by this.

Libra native Morning Lord Lakshmi G Flowers sacrifice of the lotus. Also, do not forget to offer five Bundi ladoos to Lord Hanuman.

According to Scorpio zodiac astrology, plant tulsi plant with Scorpio zodiac in Vishnu temple. With this, if you are going to travel for business, then before that you should recite Shri Ram's praise.

says that dhanus should visit Lord Hanuman during morning. After this, keep sweets under the Peepal tree and do not forget to add saffron tilak along with it. This remedy also proves helpful in removing the money problem.

remember that after waking up in the morning of Capricorn, clean and see Goddess Gayatri. After this, before carrying out any important work, take white flowers with you and leave the house.

burn lamp of pure ghee under the banana tree to remember the native of Aquarius. After this, if you are going somewhere for some auspicious work, then before that, offer sweet paan to Hanuman ji.

After worshiping the first Lord Vishnu with , apply saffron tilak to them, and then apply the same tilak on your forehead. Also offer Pethe Bhoga to Maa Lakshmi.

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