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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Today's Daily Horoscope (12-12-2020)


Aries - Today is the time of your commercial gain. Marriage can be fixed. Partner will be found A lover-girlfriend may meet. Must pay attention to health Are moving forward in the field of employment. Keep giving water to Suryadev. will be good.

Taurus - will outnumber enemies. Stopped work will go on. Health can be affected. Can get entangled in love. take care of it. The business situation will continue to be correct. Donate the yellow colored item.

Gemini- Do not take any decision by drifting into  Spend time reading and writing. Health can be affected. You will experience some distance in love. You will take care of your business situation. Keep the red colored object nearby.

Cancer , building, vehicle shopping is possible. Fascinating creation is being created. Save a little and cross. Your love and business will continue. Health will go a bit sour sweet. Om Namah: Chant Shivaaya.

Leo - Your might will bring color. Will move ahead in employment. Focus on health Do not get entangled in love. Focus on the child side. Your business situation is going well. Give water to Suryadev.

Virgo- health may be affected, but self-sufficiency will be supported. A phase of change is seen in love. Your business status appears correct. Keep on worshiping Lord Ganesha.

Tula- looks like a hero-heroine. Some relations will be formed from the government side. Health medium, love medium, business will continue above the medium. Donate the yellow colored item.

Scorpio - Being a gathering of many types of planets, they are going through many positive and negative situations. Focus on health Love is not going through a good phase. The business situation will continue. Stay in the shelter of mother Kali.

Sagittarius - Economic matters will be solved by you. Will progress in employment. Money and money will keep coming. Stopped money will be returned. Health is affected. The rest of love and business is going well. Keep a yellow colored object close by.

Capricorn - political benefits, government ruling party cooperation, increase in employment, business benefits, health medium, love status is moderate. Worship Maa Kali.

Aquarius -bagyvs will work. Will remain religious. Travel has its benefits. Health is the medium of love. Business is from middle to best. Keep on worshiping Lord Ganesha.

Pisces- The circumstances are looking a bit unfavorable. Injuries can occur. Can get into some trouble. Health is the medium of love. From a business perspective, you will keep going slowly. It would be good for you to donate the white object to the Kali temple.

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