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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

This country is the most dangerous tourist destinations in the world, Know why

Most Dangerous Tourist Destination in the World: Pakistan's pro-terrorist activities threaten not only India but also other countries. It is now included in the list of Dangerous Tourist Destination 2020 after the country gray list. India has been fighting a war against supporting terrorist activities of Pakistan for centuries. India has always been raising voice to bring Pakistan's terrorism to the world. Despite this, Pakistan is maintaining terrorist organizations. Recently the International SOS Company has released the list of Dangerous Tourist Destination.

This list includes the names of 13 countries, including one from Pakistan. This company takes stock of all the countries where people are not less of a threat. Shortly before, America had declared Pakistan as the most dangerous country in the world. This is not the first time Pakistan is joining such a list. Even before this, Pakistan has been included in this list. This year the Virisk Maplecraft Agency released this list. This survey assesses every region of 198 countries, which includes 13 countries. Most African countries are included in this list. It first includes Mali, then Libya, Nigeria, Central African Republicans, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Iraq, Israel and Pakistan.

The reason behind joining this list is not only the terrorism of these countries but the law and order there is different from other countries. There is no strict arrangement for the protection of tourists coming to these countries. The biggest reason is that the decision of these countries is in the hands of the military force. This is the reason why violence happens there. Unless the government does not pay attention to these countries, then going to the tourist in these countries can prove to be dangerous.

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